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In the production process we use various technologies to provide our customers with comprehensive cooperation. Below is an overview of the technologies that we use.


Y -technology available inhouse
S -technology available at subcontractor

1. Punching / Stamping
small stamping < 120 T Y
large stamping > 120 T Y
very large > 500T S
maintenance toolshop Y
toolshop (tools production) Y
nest tooling Y
progressive tooling Y
deep drawn S
2. Joining
inserter Y
clinching Y
spot welding Y
welding (TIG/MIG etc) Y
soldering Y
laser joining S
riveting Y
3. Post processes
wet painting (wet painting) S
powder painting S
tampo printing Y
laser printing S
coating (eg. Cathaphoresis, etc) Y
polishing, sandblasting Y
degrising Y
deburring S
plating Y
drilling and threading Y
anodyzing Y
galvanizing fire S
galvanizing electric Y
assembly Y
4. Cutting
laser cutting S
sheet punching S
shear (guillotine) Y
cutting saw Y
5. Forming
manual bending Y
(semi) automated bending S
lathe Y
milling Y
electric discharge machining (EDM) Y
6. Springs
Wireforms Y
Springs S
Clips Y
7. Suspension systems
wire S
grippers Z
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