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Production of metal components

Scope of production, characteristics

Metal components manufactured in our production plant in Szczucin near Tarnów.
We specialize in manufacture using the progressive pressing technology on progressive tools.
Progressive stamping is a metalworking method that involves punching, bending and other metal forming processes taking place in a single tool. The feed system unrolls the metal strip through all progressive die stations. Each station performs one or more operations until the finished part is complete. Pressing and punching on progressive tools is characterized by speed, downtime reduced to a minimum, low labor cost, minimized production waste, high repeatability, and low unit cost.
Progressive lines supplement presses used for the production of low-volume products.

The range of technologies used by us includes:

  • metal forming (including cutting, bending, stamping, and threading);
  • metal joining (welding, fusion welding, and riveting);
  • metal coating (varnishing, zinc coating, nickel plating, tinning, oxidation, and anodizing);
  • machining (turning, milling, grinding, and electro-discharge machining);
  • washing of details;
  • we also offer assembly of ready-made components.

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