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Tool shop

Our own tool shop provides ongoing and professional service of all our own and entrusted tools, guaranteeing continuity and safety of production. We also make tools based on documentation provided by our customers and on our own documentation.
We cooperate with tool shops in Poland and abroad. Cooperation with proven manufacturers of tools, including those from the PRC on some projects, allows us to offer to our customers tools at very attractive prices, which, although made abroad, are operated and serviced at our company.

We make:

  • dies;
  • punches; and
  • progressive tools.

We offer a comprehensive service of orders for instrumentation for the production of metal products and plastics.
We specialize in the production of bench and progressive tools for metalworking, including punching dies, dies, benders, etc.

We also make:

  • spare parts on which we can make PVD / CVD coatings;
  • modification and refurbishment of tools with the use of laser overlay welding technology;

We make:

  • specimens (samples) of products on the basis of documentation provided by the customer;
  • 2D/3D instrumentation designs;
  • metal instruments;
  • technological and production trials;
  • special gauges and measuring stations.

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