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Plating services

We provide high quality electroplating services, mainly for manufacturers from the metal, electrotechnical, electronic, furniture, and clothing industries and for individual customers.

We provide plating services to produce uniform and aged decorative coatings.

We also offer technical advice on the services that we provide and on preparation of elements for plating.

We provide plating services to produce homogeneous coatings:

  • silver plating;
  • tinning of tags;
  • tinning of small parts;
  • zinc plating of tags;
  • zinc plating of small parts;
  • copper plating and nickel plating of small details (light, dark, and black nickel);
  • nickel plating of tags;
  • brass plating;
  • anodizing with sealing and dyeing of aluminum;
  • chrome plating of brass;
  • electrolytic polishing of stainless and acid-resistant steel;
  • oxidation;
  • new coating implemented – white bronze;

and old decorative coatings

  • aged copper;
  • aged brass;
  • aged tin;

Galwanotechnika Sp. z o.o. is part of the KRAK-OLD Group.

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