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AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO – the Nuremberg 2019 car body manufacture trade fair.

Renowned designers, materials engineers, process engineers, and decision makers from the automotive sector will meet at the AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO in Nuremberg on 4-5 June 2019.

Electrification, reduction of CO2 emissions, and weight reduction are the driving forces behind the development of today’s automotive industry. Which mix of materials will determine the future of car bodies? What does the growing share of lightweight materials mean for the development of the automotive industry and for profitability of production? What are the concepts for sustainable manufacture of car bodies? What are the consequences of lightweight fastening systems and surface finishes?

The challenges faced in relation to the development and production in the automotive industry are huge and yet extremely exciting. With their product range, leading suppliers bring trends and innovations in automotive components, materials, semi-finished products, and surface finishes into a compact form in one place.

The AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO brings together creative minds and potential suppliers.
In many European countries, especially in Germany, the automotive industry is the mainspring of the economy. More than any other industry, it has to respond to market demands with ever-shorter innovation cycles. This is where the AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO saves valuable time because, instead of talks between customers and suppliers at different times, it enables direct dialogue with many creative minds and potential suppliers at a single event. The program of the exhibition includes two days focused on the entire car body production, painting and assembly.

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