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Mission of the KRAK-OLD Group

Our mission is to create value for our customers through continuous development and in a spirit of mutual cooperation. We are and want to be a credible and reliable supplier to our customers that flexibly responds to their needs.

Vision and values of the KRAK-OLD Group

  • Development – strengthening the position of our company and winning new markets by constantly increasing our technological and organizational capabilities, implementing the best solutions for our customers, and developing our own competencies.
  • Customer – focus on the customers and their needs, which are satisfied in a way that builds mutual trust. We are committed to long-term cooperation and effective implementation of optimal solutions for our customers.
  • Quality – meeting the highest quality requirements and continuous improvement in this key area.
  • Costs – maintaining competitiveness through economic and efficient use of resources while maintaining a flat management structure.
  • Team – initiative, cooperation and commitment of the team are the leading factors in the development of the company. We focus on the development of competencies and on safe and friendly working conditions.
  • CSR – corporate social responsibility, meeting ethical standards and taking care of the environment.

The history of KRAK-OLD

The history of KRAK-OLD dates back to 1989.

KRAK-OLD started its operations as a trading company, which in the following years dynamically developed its network for distribution of electrotechnical products.

In 1995 the company started its manufacturing operations and became a manufacturer of capacitors for motors and discharge lamps. Since then, the company’s business has expanded significantly to include manufacturing, commerce, and services in a wide range of industrial sectors.

KRAK-OLD group

Currently, the KRAK-OLD group consists of:

production sites
sqm of space

The company’s areas of activity are:

  • Manufacture of metal components;
  • Production of insulating components;
  • A tool shop;
  • Plating services;
  • Manufacture of runners for conveyor belts;
  • Manufacture of construction machinery and equipment;
  • Machining;
  • Manufacture of electronic components;
  • Production of cardboard packaging;
  • Distribution of electrotechnical products.

The companies in the KRAK-OLD Group are:

  • P.H.U.P. KRAK-OLD Sp. z o.o.
  • KRAK-OLD Zakład Rezystorów S.A.
  • Telpod S.A.
  • Galwanotechnika Sp. z o.o.
  • KRAK-OLD ELMET Sp. z o.o.
  • P.P. ELMET S.A.

KRAK-OLD is also a member of the PGE Forum-Rondo consortium, which is one of the largest purchasing groups in the electrotechnical industry.

Customers of Krak-Old

Our customers represent various industries, including:

  • the lighting industry;
  • the electrotechnical industry;
  • the electronics industry;
  • the telecommunication industry;
  • the automotive industry;
  • the household appliance industry.
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